Refitting & Repair

Our services:

  • Technical management
  • General operations
  • Procurement
  • Crew management
  • Insurance
  • Full-scale refits and conversions are carried out at our shipyard in Italy – for example: hauling, ship launching, docking, carpentry, metal and fiberglass work, steel and alloy repair, mechanical repair on all types of engines and transmissions, installations and maintenance of hydraulic electric and electronic systems, anti-corrosion and anti-osmosis treatments, professional painting, restyling and repairing of interiors
  • Maintenance concepts and schedules
  • Time and works schedules for servicing and inspections
  • A spare parts database and internet support ensure swift and trouble-free work

Our refit services & facilities:


Launching & hauling
Wood construction
Wood works
Teak Deck renewal & repair
Mechanical works
Hydraulic works
Steel processing for construction & renewal
Stainless steel works
Metal works
Shaft, propeller & rubber works
Main and auxiliary machinery
Plumbing & domestic systems
Fiberglass works
Shrinkwrap boat cover
Hatch replacement and repair
Ventilation works
Insulation works
Electric and electronic works
Air conditioning works
Refrigeration works
Equipment servicing
Spray/Brush painting & repairs
Sand blasting
Osmosis treatment
Interior & exterior varnishing
Rigging & sails
Designing works
Wash down service